Build your own Air Plant Terrarium
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Air Plants
Moss Walls
Build Your Own
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1-2 hours
minimum 6 people
schedule an event and we come to you
We bring the parts, you gather the people
You pick the shape, we bring the glass
Build Your Own
We have an assortment of sizes and shapes. These range from $25.00 to $50.00. Some include pedestals, wire stands, or ropes to hang from.
The price includes the glass + stand, one focal ornament, substrate, three plants, a couple of add-ins and the instructions
It's simple...
  1. Pick your shape and size of glass
  2. Find a focal ornament in your garden
  3. Choose a substrate that matches your ornament
  4. Pick three or four plants for the garden
  5. Add little embellishments to your story
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